A small change of pace, a huge community breakthrough!

Because everyone deserves a home and a family.

Our Mission

The Farm in the Dell Foundation works to build community-based, self-supporting farming homes for the disabled. The Foundation works to acquire land, build the home, begin the farm, and integrate the entirety into the local community in a way that is beneficial for both the community and the residents and workers at the farms.


Currently, there are fully-functional Farm in the Dell group homes in Kalispell & Helena, Montana; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan; and in Butte, Montana and a lovely farm in Powder River.

About Us

The Farm in the Dell International Foundation has worked for nearly four decades to bring a new way of life to the developmentally disabled of the world. The Farm in the Dells, started in Montana and now found far and wide, give back to their communities in amazing ways. If you’ve never been to our farms, we invite you to visit at any time. (read more…)

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