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Who makes the salsa?

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The Farm in the Dell Helena, which has two green houses dedicated to growing some of the most amazing tomatoes around, has a secret recipe that is used to make their delicious salsa. In fact, it’s such a secret, the Foundation doesn’t even know the recipe! The goal of every Farm in the Dell is to be self-sufficient, and the tomatoes grown and sold at market, as well as the salsa, are ways that the Farm in the Dell Helena achieves that goal.

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Where are the farms?

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Currently, there are fully-functional Farm in the Dell group homes in Kalispell & Helena, Montana; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan; and we’re building a new home in Butte, Montana that should be open before Christmas 2012, and another new home in Great Falls, Montana that should be open sometime in early...

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A quick commercial

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We’ve produced a quick commercial that we’ll be airing in areas that are raising new Farm in the Dell group homes. It’s a quick, easy way to really explain a little bit about the Farm in the Dell, and what it really means to the residents and the community. We hope you like it!

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Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – Montana’s Sister Country

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Kyrgyzstan once a part of the Soviet Union now Montana’s sister country and a place Farm in the Dell has called home since 2003. With the support of many local people and the Montana National guard a home was built for the developmentally disabled in this beautiful country.  It has become a beacon for other countries in Asia showing that there is a place in communities around the world for developmentally disabled individuals to thrive and become valued members of their communities.  Fundraising started in early 2000 and the MT national guard helped with flights, supplies and a whole lot of hard work to construct the home and bring doctors, nurses and many trades man to help train and assist the local community. In 2003 A MT National Guard C130 flew over with final supplies for the house and workers and to complete the project and move in.  Since then we have regular visits from Kygyz nationals who want to visit Montana to meet the people who helped them in their time of need. When a community comes together to build a better world, we all win. And it can happen anywhere. Please help us build the next Farm in the Dell by donating today. God...

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Powder River – A New Home

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The Farm in the Dell – Powder River is just taking off, fueled by the amazing community support and love that will make this an amazing home for the residents, and a powerful force for good in the community. More news soon!

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