Are you hiring?

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As a matter of fact, we are. With the new home in Butte just now being finished, we are looking to staff all areas of the Farm. Want to come work for us? Great! Have skills we should know about? Awesome. We’ve attached a quick Employment_application for you here. We look forward to meeting you!

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Who makes the salsa?

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The Farm in the Dell Helena, which has two green houses dedicated to growing some of the most amazing tomatoes around, has a secret recipe that is used to make their delicious salsa. In fact, it’s such a secret, the Foundation doesn’t even know the recipe! The goal of every Farm in the Dell is to be self-sufficient, and the tomatoes grown and sold at market, as well as the salsa, are ways that the Farm in the Dell Helena achieves that goal.

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Where are the farms?

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Currently, there are fully-functional Farm in the Dell group homes in Kalispell & Helena, Montana; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan; and we’re building a new home in Butte, Montana that should be open before Christmas 2012, and another new home in Great Falls, Montana that should be open sometime in early...

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What’s Grown on the Farms?

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Each Farm is a bit different. In Kalispell they raise miniature Hereford cattle, which are more docile than their larger cousins, and are prized for their meat. The herd is growing a bit, as the plans are to expand the Herefords to both Butte and Great Falls as those homes become occupied. Helena has the tomatoes, flowering plants, and the petting zoo and pumpkin patch, which is the site of their fall Harvest Festival, one of the biggest events at any of the Farms.

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